Only three steps to your own personal calendar.
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frequently asked questions
1. What is is a pretty easy and fun way to create personal cool and free calendars.
2. How can I create my calendar ?
There is nothing more simple.
Step 1. Select desired template on the main page and click "Next" button.
Step 2. Select photos from your computer or from Internet and click "Next" again
Step 3. Enjoy your calendar
3. How can I save my calendar to my computer ?
After you generate your calendar you will see a list of resolutions.
Those which are not striked out are available.
Click on the available resolution to download calendar to your computer.
4. How can I share my calendar ?
There is only one way for now. You can copy URL of your calendar from the result page and send it to your friends.
5. Do you store my calendar on the server ?
All calendars that are not seen by anybody during 15 days are automatically deleted from the server.
6. Why is my calendar too small ?
Dimension of your calendar totally depends of your pictures. To get larger calendar you need to upload larger pictures.
7. How to select custom date ?
Click on the "Advanced options" on the template's page. You can choose month and year there. And also type custom text.
It can take up to 1 min. Please, be patient.